Tales From the Loop

Anyone watched the Amazon Prime series? Curious as to opinions of it. Personally finding it kind of cool.

I was a tad bored… Fell asleep in the first ep.

Loved the idea. Even have the game. But it didn’t hold me.

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I loved Tales from the Loop. The setting remained hauntingly mysterious throughout, and a lot of the stories were really heart-wrenching.

I haven’t played the RPG, but after seeing the show, I think a lot of the sales pitch for the game misses the mark. The Loop seems like much more than an '80s Kids on Bikes setting - which is how it seems to be marketed. There’s a dreary melancholy and sense of resignation hanging over the Loop that doesn’t really mesh with the trope of crusading kids fighting against a conniving adult system. But again, I haven’t played it; would love to hear from some who have.

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Haven’t played it yet, but own it. I haven’t really seen marketing of it, as I first came across the game by way of actual play. I have heard of Kids on Bikes (which I have seen actual plays of, but don’t own the game), but having read the rules and then watching the show, they run very close in my opinion. I wonder if they were just a little unsure how to market the game, or maybe just missed the mark a little. The only real difference I saw is the location the show is located in as opposed to the locations given for the RPG, which is an easy fix. Other than that, they state a couple times throughout the book it’s the 1980’s with a twist.

Pre-gen module actual play: https://www.youtube.com/live/FwVat6XjkgA?si=PiSTcTSGaCArQl5s