Tales From the Loop: Our Friends the Machines and Other Mysteries

More adventurizing goodness from Free League for playing in the Loop. Three full length adventures and a mixtape of mini-adventures based on some popular songs from the 80’s (most of which I have heard of, because I’m old as dirt. There are 2 I’m not familiar with to my knowledge, but won’t single them out, as is unimportant). Also included are blueprints for 4 pieces of machinery: 2 ships and 2 robots. Lastly is Hometown Hacks, helping you to set up new Loop cities.
The first adventure is Our Friends the Machines. The Machines are effectively the Transformers with a twist. 2 AI escaped and took over a factory. One is aggressive; the other more passive. One controls the Deceivers (the aggressive AI), while the other controls the Convoys. The machines were jaggered and made into legit robots, though toy-sized. Singly, they aren’t really intelligent, but groups of various sizes become smarter. Adults have also been chipped to help the aggressive AI to take over. Suffice to say the PC’s must find a way to stop the AI from succeeding, though failure is always an option, and there is an ending to support that.
Next is Horror Movie Mayhem. It takes place during the "Moral Panic, aka the “Satanic Panic”, where heavy metal music, RPG’s, and various types of movies (horror and the like) are under fire rom the adults. One has a plan to sway adults to her side by way of subliminal messages to make the idyllic community for all.
Then we have The Mummy in the Mist. This is designed to be a bit of a double mystery. There’s a Mummy on the loos, and there is something near the beach, in the water. It will take all the PC’s resources to make things right without failure.
Adventure-wise, lastly we have the mixtape of mysteries. First off, we have Sweet Dreams (Eurythmics). Adults aren’t sleeping well, and maybe some of the children aren’t either. The PC’s have to figure it out. Next is Every Breath You Take. Paranoia has overtaken the kids because of someone called “Big Brother.” Girls Just Wanna Have Fun follows, and are drifting from the men in their lives. There’s much more nefarious actions going on. Where is my Mind is next. The Doctor has a cure for everything, but staff have other ideas. All aboard the Nightrain next. Kids that are having trouble with their parents are coming up missing. Forever Young follows siblings who aren’t siblings and just want to keep their youthfulness. Thriller (a 1982-3 classic) is next. “Scarecrow” has bootleg horror movies available, and the villains are coming to life, sort of. Heaven is a Place on Earth rounds the bunch off. A religious group moves to the area and believes the Gravitron is sent by God. Of course it is.
Machine Blueprints is the next to last chapter and includes a couple different types of machinery and adventure hooks.
The last chapter is Hometown Hack. It shows you how to turn your city into the home location for adventures.

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