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https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/magneticpressplay/the-official-planet-of-the-apes-role-playing-game?ref=63scns I don’t totally know about the price points (I know things are a bit out of whack, but UGH!), though I don’t think they are too awful (just slightly). Haven’t decided whether or not I’m backing it, but for any fans out there. Interestingly, I got an email from GKG (the illustrious Gallant Knight Games) recently and they are teaming with West End Games at some point in the near future to release an updated 2E to the D6 System on Kickstarter. Wonder if this was done before or after the decision (likely after, but eh).

Not a game I would be interested in. The setting is less than appealing. (I saw all 5 of the original films.) It falls into my distaste for post apocalyptic settings.

My son that did play the d6 Star Wars explained his distaste for it. Success was so difficult for any task that failure was constant. Second the advancement was a byzantine, meta gaming task that could result in failure and a loss of all that experience. Both issues leading to loss of fun. He and his gamers jumped all over Star Wars d20 the minute it happened.

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I won’t disagree on the roles on occasion, but as far as advancement, it was a given number of character points per session/adventure that one could use to increase stats (to raise from 2d+2 to 3D one needed 2 CP to do so whether it was a skill or attribute [3d+2 to 4 was 3, etc] so not sure the disconnect there if I remember correctly). Am doing a little research on the updated rules (watching a Carbon Grey actual play [which uses the current rules for PotA] to see what is the same and different).

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Now I am dealing in hearsay here. And he is notorious in mis-remembering details. I am interested in your take on the revised WEG system.

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Just so you know, this Kickstarter (and I did end up backing it) doesn’t end until July 12, and I did go in for the main shite, it’s not scheduled until [the earliest] September. If I can update before then, I definitely will. Looking at potentially getting the other game they have out there (which I think I mentioned previously). Though I get your reticence on subject matter, as you say. Still deciding whether or not to do it, but will most likely back the GKG/WEG crossover when it happens. And of course there will be a review of it giving my personal thoughts on the system, especially if they Creative Commons it, or better. Though crunchier than the Tiny D6 System, I always felt it was a decent system for beginners. As far as the system, I’m still doing some research. Got plenty of time to back out if I feel the need to, and will update here if necessary.