Swords of Meropis - Those who backed this will know this

Received my Kickstarter copy of the game in both softcover and hardcover. Noticed the hardcover version is a bit wrong as in the pages are a “little large” so the page numbers aren’t complete while the softcover seems correct. GKG knows there is an issue, and are in the process of working it out with DTRPG. In theory, according to the latest update, I should be receiving some notification about replacing my copies of the game at not my cost. That doesn’t mean to say that once I give the rules a 2 pass read I won’t post a review, just that I’ll update you as to what is going on. From what is being reported, it is a DTRPG issue. Having done other Kickstarters with them, I would tend to believe them. And I would say that if you have not ever done a crowdfunding with them and are thinking about it, do it, if the game suits you. They (being Alan and Erin Bahr) stand behind their product. Regardless, an AAG review is imminent for the game, in the next week or so.