Split the story, part 2

Our 2nd side-scene went well. The odds were stacked against them, and the players let their skills shine, magic fly, and swords dance. They did not succeed in the capturing main antagonist, but the battle goes on. This gives the main PCs the opportunity later.

This game was also cut short on time. I’m seeing a trend.

Temp Characters

The tough part about using temporary characters is creating each to be fleshed out enough for players to play them. Still, it’s been worth the effort. I’ll likely use them as major NPCs.

Prior experience

Years ago, playing the role of an NPC for a game our DM ran was an interesting experience. I had less of a personal investment in it and more of a co-GM investment in that character.

Which begs the question: When a player plays an NPC is it no longer an NPC?

I’ve done this as well. Bobba Fett for a Star Wars game. The GM wanted a separate person controlling him. I think I sort of shocked him with the page of plans and preparations. Hey if anything Fett in the Expanded universe was ready.

Side note the Final Writer smell chucker corrected Bobba Fett as Boob Feet.