Some things swords

I’ve been skirting around that video, it keeps showing up. It’s very much a matter of opinion.

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This is not to say I do not like swords


I might have a few.


I’ve not watched many videos on this particular subject, but I would tend to agree with you.

Would have to do some digging to get pics of mine, but include: a 3 piece samurai set (katana, wakizashi, tanto), a single (separate) samurai katana (blade is painted black, and made of carbon steel), a pair of sais, a broadsword (I believe. I call it that, anyway. Might “technically” be incorrect. Could be a longsword. Just thought it was cool when I saw it on ebay and don’t remember how they listed it), scimitar, and an Aragorn “hero” sword. In addition, I have a pair of wooden training katanas.

Bokin. Mine top to bottom. On the rack all are honest steel. Rapier, katana, cutlass, On the wall left to right Short sword, small sword, Claymore, German longsword. On floor, Nordic broadsword, baskenthilt broadsword, 19th century saber.

I’m hiding the sword shaped objects in the closet. Seperate from those I have a ti chi sword, yes, wood and very pretty, and a toy claymore I thought was cute.

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