It’s been a rough patch. Not much writing done. Without giving my full tale of woe it has been a fucking emotional roller coaster with no hills.

Last we had to replace the lally columns in the house. For the lay person, they hold the fucking house up. And that has been latest layer on the suckburger.

Mean while I try to get some gaming in. This weekend, Thursday, rip down all the bookshelves in the basement, they block the lally columns to wit. Friday stress totally out while the crew works on that. Saturday, put the books back. Sunday, fall down, no spoons. Today I run my fool ass off getting nothing done. Nothing I set out to accomplish worked out.

This is why you have not seen any blogs.

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I grew up in the city where John Lally, the inventor of the Lally column, lived when he invented it, back around 1900.

We had some of the early ones then, :grinning:

Good news! The steel walls of the column were about 1/4" back then, now they are only about 1/16". :smiley:

Rust is not good for that. My wife put her finger through one. Four of the fire in the house had failed.

As to wall thickness it depends on the quality you buy. We got the good ones. Powder coat is a modern advantage.