Shadowrun @ Brattleboro,VT

About the Game: 4th Ed, Shadowrun Campaign, Every-Other-Sunday starting 10MAR024 @ 12 Noon.

The first meeting will be a “one shot” to introduce Beginners to the world of Shadowrun! (I will have at least 9 PreGens to choose from and will start the Campaign with 3 players.)

(Brattleboro, VT is almost where Mass, N.H. and VT touch each other). This will be a Tabletop (Face to Face) and Not an Online Game…

I try to have a 50/50 Role Playing/Combat format…
Tell us about your game, the system you use, the play style (story focused, combat heavy, etc).

Contact me for “handouts” for more information!

When We Play

Tell us what days you play and how often. Are there special attendance requirements?

The PreGens are: a Gnome (Dwarf variant), 3 Elves, 4 Human, 2 Orks, 2 Trolls…
First Come get First Pick!
I will be at RAY GUN COMICS, 125 Main St; Brattleboro, VT (where the game will be played on the 10th) on the 3rd from Noon to 2:30pm

I will be there on 24MAR for one last try…
Parking (on street and a nearby lot) is free on Sunday!
I plan to get there 11/1130, and if no one shows up by 130pm, I may drop back 10 yards and punt for a Saturday game in the Amherst/Hadley area of MA

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