Shadowrun 4th Ed Game needs 2 more players

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Tell us about your game, the system you use, the play style (story focused, combat heavy, etc).

When We Play

Tell us what days you play and how often. Are there special attendance requirements?

Updated 12JUN023 << Saturdays 5pm Central (US) time, aka 2300 Zulu. Every-Other-Saturday. (Next two Games will be 08JUL023 & 29JUL023.

We now have a Gunslinger Adept , and 2 Street Samurai (Human & a Troll) and a Magician. With a PreGen Centaur St. Sam “on scene” for anyone who wants to join. Mission? Well, after an attack on a N.A.N. school, and we’ll probably ask questions to find out what in the Heck is Happening here! And then it true Shadowrun fashion go after whoever hired them, if possible. Or depending who it is, wait until we can serve the Revenge dish Ice Cold!


But all types, except for Hackers are welcome! We use Chummer for PC Creation and Discord for gaming. A few PreGens, including a Pixie Rigger, as well as an Elf, are available for a “Test Drive”.

Two slots left! Couples may join the game (they count as 1)… <<

I played a game or two of what I think was 3rd edition back in the day and played the video game Shadowrun Returns. Even though I never acquired books or played long term, the setting has always maintained a soft spot about what cyberpunk is to me.

I just downloaded the 2 Fourth edition quickstarts as I don’t have any SR stuff and they seem to contain slightly different pregens and extra adventures (which I won’t read for now). Would this be sufficient to jump into your game or are you looking for a 4th edition expert with a bunch of books? I’m a long time rpg player and reader, so should pick it up quickly based on what I read about how challenges work in the Wikipedia entry and what I’ll find in the QS’s.

When you said “game is weak on magical” did you mean it’s low magic by design, or that you need magic users for the group? From the list it looks like the latter but thought I’d ask.


Yes, feel free to play a Magical Type!

If you want to send me an email address, I have a reply email with more info, Plus a Campaign Brief.

Awesome, I sent an email!

Please Note:
New Start Time! 5pm CST (6pm EST, 3pm (US West Coast)
20MAY & 03JUN are the next two game days.

We will start using Roll 20 .vs. Discord. Hopefully on the 3rd of June, and fully up and running on the 20th. (Including click on Skill to roll the dice, we hope)

We are now moving onto Roll 20! It is a WIP (Work In Progress) but hopefully everything will be running by 03JUN (upcoming Saturday).

Right now we have 4 players (one of the ones that joined last session has dropped out) and we have room for 2 more. HOWEVER, I would prefer people who are interested in 4th Ed contact me, and have their PC ready by 10JUN, and then run on the 17th…

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