Seeking additional gamers

Seeking weekly (or Bi-weekly) players for Superheroes, Espionage, Mecha/Anime or classic D&D (1e/2e). Do you enjoy Macross/Robotech, we can TTRPG that. Like A-Team/Airwolf, 007, Gi-Joe etc… we got that covered too. Wanna try either campy or gritty street superheroes we got it. D&D grognard, it is a staple of our gameplay.

We need a few ‘big bang theory’ humor-stylized adults to take a refreshing break from adult-ing to throw some dice on a regular basis. We occasionally have a teenage son/daughter along, so we keep it ‘dry’ /sober.

Additional info. this is a TTRPG, F2F, in person. Our bachelor in the group is the hosting home, and yes he has a house keeper for a clean & tidy game session. We are NOT easily offended and do talk some trash during game play, as if in a sitcom (pop culture, dry humor, dad jokes, innuendo). I, the game referee/judge/director/G.M., am an Army Vet (OIF '05) 13B, NCO. We will keep vulgarity low as there may be a teen or two occasionally joining us when a kid wants to game with Mom/Dad.

*small print here: No felons need apply.

Tagged location on the ‘Map’ option :innocent: there is a local shop where tables are for use. Provides a neutral, natural & public environment to throw some dice. Keeping the game session and meeting place open.

:man_mage:t4: Still open for more locals to throw dice with. Check the ‘Map’ feature here in PPG. We have evenings Wed-Fri.

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