Seeeking TT Players near Knoxville, TN

I have 5 different games I can run; will go with whichever has the most demand.

  1. D&D 3.5 points-buy classless using the Eclipse system.

  2. HERO system post-apocalyptic low fantasy nation building, using the “Kingdoms” sub-system in the back of “Ultimate Base”.

  3. GURPS Fantasy (with a whiff of gunpowder). Emphasis on design: Armor, weapons, vehicles, even buildings.

  4. Programmed learning intro module for Yaquinto’s “Pirates & Plunder”.

  5. Using FASA’s “Mars” combat system (2nd ed) to run not-too-serious arena skirmish games.

Limited space at my place, but I can travel.
Limited availabiity, but an adjust schedule with advance notice.

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