Secretly Supporting a DM

Long ago, our DM ran a group of us through a module. We players struggled getting into the adventure, our characters roamed around lost. We did not understand what was going on, guessing and eventually performing stunts to get a reaction, spinning our wheels so to speak.

Boredom and frustration threatened our game, and players started to drift off to other projects during play. The adventure had too much potential to leave it as is. So, I decided to read the module to figure out what we were expected to do next. I didn’t need to read the whole adventure, just one area.

The next session, my character tossed out one tiny suggestion based on what I’d learned through reading the module. After that things picked up steam, and the party made it through the dungeon, battered and bruised, but very satisfied.


Great idea! If only more players were willing to put this kind of effort into making the game more fun for everyone.


Well done. I wish more of my players had that kind of initiative. My players leave the table happy and talking about the next adventure, but not everyone gives assists like this. A few times I dropped hints to a veteran player when I could tell the party was stuck, but it’s nice to see a player do that!

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I always appreciate players who get/keep the group on the task/plotline.

My moment of doing so was way back in college where a fun game of kid wizards was rapidly running up against a hard stop: the end of the semester IRL. The group knew what they wanted (rescue their parents) but the GM had laid a few too many obstacles in our path for us to get there (apparently multiple layers of illusions and a giant monster). With two sessions left, I used every trick in the book to cut through magic barriers (by a completely side story bad guy), the monster (which trashed our ride) and our own usual zaniness to get us to the bad guys’ lair before we ran out of time to play.