Savage Worlds Players in Denton, TX

I run Savage Worlds games on Sundays in Denton, TX. A player recently moved, so we are hoping to find another to play.

We alternate playing two different Savage Worlds campaigns; East Texas University and Tropicana. East Texas University is an investigative horror based campaign. Imagine a college-based Scooby Doo mixed with Call of Cthulhu. Mysteries and monsters galore. Tropicana is an action-based James Bond, Magnum PI, Scarface, Indiana Jones, Miami Vice, Fast and the Furious, GTA, Just Cause, Tomb Raider mash-up, shaken-not-stirred, with a stick of dynamite.

These are pre-existing campaigns. We play form 5pm till 9pm on Sundays, in person. Must be lively enough to keep it interesting, but quiet enough not to piss off my wife in the other room. :slight_smile:

If interested in either, let me know - whether you want to play or just discuss.

– Ark

I’m not in Denton, but have a funny story to tell since I saw your post. I, too, play East Texas University. My gaming group is in Denver, CO. And for some reason, when we started our ETU campaign, the person that most came to mind for inspiration for a character is my niece, who was an incoming freshman at University of North Texas in Denton! So I decided to just make her into my RPG character. Years later, now the make-believe version is learning to cast spells to banish ghosts and such, while the real version is getting ready to graduate.

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Hey Todd, that’s funny. Does she know she has a doppleganger in East Texas?

I play with several employees of the big FLGS in Denton, and they decided to carry Savage Worlds and ETU at the store after we started the campaign. There was talk amongst the younger players about reskinning ETU for UNT, so who knows, there may be an Denton version of Pinebox floating around in the gaming world. :slight_smile:

If you ever end up switching days that you play on, or start another campaign on another day of the week, I would be interested. I have a long-running game that I run on Sundays already.

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Hey lotcaster - I’ve been toying for a while with running another game on another day for a while. Maybe something out it public like at D20 Tavern or something. Let me know what you are interested in and we can see if we can Venn diagram it. :slight_smile:

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Used to live in Denton and went to UNT. If I was still there, I would be in on this.

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I live thousands of miles away now, but I used to live in Little Elm, and spent many a happy afternoon wandering through Recycled Books in Denton.

All the best with your game!

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Oh yeah, Recycled Books has devoured many of my paychecks. :slight_smile:

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One of those kind of “Sorry, not sorry” moments, but had this pop in my head when I saw where you were. DENTON! - YouTube The police officer is Rogue 2 from The Empire Strikes Back. Too bad I’m in Illinois, I would love to get in on a game.

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