The Adventurers carefully made their way through the dungeon. Each door presenting a challenge and hazard unknown. They carefully opened the door, and before the thief could take a look a Red dragon grabbed the door yelled “I’m not taking visitors.” and slammed the door.

Well adventurers being adventurers they rushed in armed for…no dragon.

A small winged lizard landed on one of the fighter’s head. Before they could react DRAGON! Said fighter was crushed beneath the beast. The Paladin challenged the Dragon, and it stuck a big cork on said Paladin’s sword. The magical types behind the Dragon cut loose doing considerable damage. The dragon let loose with fire down his back at them.

From under the beast came: “He can’t get me, I’m under him.”

Shortly the party had prevailed and pulled the badly wounded fighter out from under the dead dragon.

Forever after that character was Roadkill. I could not tell you the character’s given name for anything. Just Roadkill.

He is commemorated in my game with his own shop in the city of Woodmanor.

I’m Under Him: (AA-41 purple) Magic and curio shop run by an ex-adventurer with a highly colorful past. It is noted for the stuffed beholder over the counter and having items that might not be all that good for you. Decent for the standard adventure fare, and low plus weapons. Everything has a story.

The store is a jumble of items from used weapons and armor to the otherwise normal ring with a colorful story.

“Roadkill” - Human male - Irascible, irreverent, has more stories than you have time. He will gladly bend your ear with the most improbable tales for hours, even if you never buy anything (likely a good idea) . The deal being that most of them are true.


I like my dragons with personality. I have for decades. That was a much more loosie goosie style of play. No move and standard actions, just stuff. The Dungeon was one of “Those” An old red dragon a door down form the 20 orcs, neither of which really had any business being there. Heck I miss the looser style of play because it allows for the occasional silly touch. I’m not real strict with my rounds, and favor neither player of monster with it. You want to try something weird, I’ll let it happen and will give it an decent chance of coming off, more than decent if truly creative and it amuses me.

I have a button given to me by a player: “When you bore the DM, he gets whimsical.” Yea, that’s me.