Recommendations for building a VTT map with tiles

Does anyone have any suggestions for a good tool to use for creating a map from individual tiles? I’m looking for something that will make it very easy to lay down the tiles and put them together into a single image file for importing into my Foundry Game.

If you have your own tiles - my crude way is to use Google slides to build and then take and crop a screen shot :slight_smile:

Some folks use Tiled to make their video game levels. I can’t truly recommend it as I haven’t used it myself, but it might be worth a look.

if you’ve got a decent video card (8gb+) you could do some stable diffusion ai stuff, I found a tool on for making dnd maps its been trained on a bunch of dnd battle maps. I haven’t used it yet since I’m still playing with character generation so I can’t vouch for the quality of its outputs but I might play with it in the next week or so.

Campaign Cartographer is basically that.
Note that you WILL want to read the tutorial, the software is based off a CAD mentality and framework. There are periodic Humble Bundles where you can get it for cheap.