Reality to Game mechanics

Do you find yourself comparing a situation in the real world and transcribing to game terms (subconsciously or not)? Notice an “encounter” at the grocery store, see someone roll a natural 1 or 20, or think that person should have put points into that skill first?

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I’m that kind of nerd too. It gets good on you after a point.

Every time I drop something in the kitchen, I yell “Aw crap, botch!”

There has been the occasional cry of, ‘Natural 1’ heard at my house.

A little to your right we have Science Fiction fandom. Yes I know many gamers fall into that fandom as well. No clear demarcations.

In the serious end of the fandom, those of use that congregate and do stupid stuff, like run Cons, there are two competing statements. “Fandom is a ghodd damn hobby” vs “Fandom is a way of life”.

I submit this thread as evidence to Fandom is a way of life. replace “fandom” with “gaming” if you will, they are but subsets for each other.

It’s a way of life in this household.