PocketQuest 2023 Games

Drivethrurpg ran another game jam this year. The results are available for purchase from the site. The theme this year was Space.

PocketQuest2023 Games

Star Crew and First Contact attracted my attention due to the Star Trek like setting.

The Paths Between the Stars allows you to read the whole thing with the preview. I haven’t seen the Tricube Tales system before. I think it is a little too lite on gameplay for me.

I did look at the description for Bread Space because I was confused as to what it could be. A cooking contest in space sounds odd.

Expedition to Darakon Island has a nice cover and the idea of illustration being part of the gameplay is interesting (even if I’m bad at art).

My entry into PocketQuest 2023 is Brick Exoframe. You play as a someone in power armor. You can shoot off components of enemies and replace your components. It is designed to be used with Lego bricks (or compatible toys). It includes instructions for a basic space marine design and has images of various modified versions.

Tricube Tales strikes a decent balance of narrative flexibility (for players and GM’s) but with some mechanics. Overall I’ve found it fun and easy to play, but wish for a slight bit more crunch coming from a Pathfinder background. The creator has been slowly working on a tactics supplement that will add this without altering the core rules. The strength of the system too are the many 1 page supplements that are good for 1 shots or campaign beginnings.

Your game looks interesting too! I like the idea of having tangible bits to use similar to wargames or board games.

I purchased a couple of one page games using the Push system. Tricube Tales or at least as presented in this game just doesn’t feel as interesting.

After some posts of other designers on making a good product page. I revamped the Brick Exoframe page.

If you are interested in any of the PocketQuest 2023 games, take a look at Critical Press Media’s youtube channel. He has been doing reviews of lots of the games. Maybe quick look is more accurate than a review. He just did my game Brick Exoframe but really you should check out any of the other videos on entries that look interesting.