Playing Not The End RPG

Ran a #not-the-end game for the 1st time last night, and the game flowed so well…

We ported 3rd level characters from our 5E game (#steampunk setting) and continued the story. Not The End uses the #hexsys system, and instead of dice you use colored tokens drawn from a bag. The upcoming #cowboy-bebop is also supposed to use a version of HexSys.

We started late so played for less than 2 hours, but the players seemed to take the extra freedom like it was their story to tell. It felt like we got so much gaming in.

If Invisible Sun, Savage Worlds, and Star Wars had a kid, and then that kid had a kid with Fate. This would be that kid at a poker table.

I created an NtE character sheet in Google Sheets with macros. You’re free to copy. Hopefully, you find it useful.

Have you played NtE? How’d it go?

If have not played, DriveThruRPG has the free Quick Start version.


I hadn’t heard of this system, but it looks great. I was never a fan of chit draws, but I do love having the options of bidding and pressing your luck built into a core mechanic! And failures that add to the story have become a requisite for me. Star Wars/Genesys has become a favorite system.

Shifting over from 5e, did you find the system changed how the players played their characters? Did it change their approach to risk or decision-making?

I didn’t know if I’d like the drawing tokens, but it works very well for this game. We quickly got the hang of “spending” every positive and negative token drawn.

Yes, there was an immediate shift in how they played their characters. They seemed to know their characters better. Trying things they’d be hesitant to try before. A couple habitually tactical behaviors went away. But they were still within their character’s character. Since this was only 1 session, time will tell how they adapt.

I wasn’t surprised they want to continue with this system, but I was surprised when they expressed the idea of converting our Invisible Sun game to NtE. So, it made quite the impression.

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Some videos of #not-the-end actual play in English, a mini-campaign demo by Italian gamers.