Pathfinder 1e Rise of the Runelords on Facebook video chat, Sunday evenings at 5pm central to 9

All I ask is that you play well with others (no rules lawyering, treat each other decently and help each other out), and give me a 24 hour notice if you plan on canceling so I can tell the others. I try really hard to be helpful in between games, but during a game I try to be dramatic (rarely fudging the rules both for and against the players) and fair. I even crack stupid Dad jokes, and I love it when my players back each other up during the game; heroic behavior. I don’t allow real world issues, like politics, whatever. One of us is gay, but nobody cares. All the PC’s are designed to cover for what the group lacks so that the group can handle anything. I have TONS of prewritten campaigns that I sometimes alter a tiny bit so as to make more sense.

I do have attribute adjustments for male and female characters, and they’ve resulted in more female PC’s. There are a few races that are not subject to the attribute adjustments. I even have a large list of official races. If you give me parameters for what you want, I will make suggestions accordingly based on what I know. There are brief house rules pertinent to each class, so we normally make characters with me present. I am not gonna use a vtt. I do sometimes draw out a map if there are lots of enemies or the terrain is varied.

Banned Classes/Races

Summoner (and Unchained version), Gunslinger, Arcanist, Bloodrager, Brawler, Hunter, Investigator, Shaman, Skald, Slayer, Swashbuckler, Warpriest (this is all of the Advanced Class Guide), Vigilante, Shifter, all mythic paths are banned permanently.

Half-elves, Half-orcs are banned permanently; they are too mechanically similar to humans and don’t make sense genetically.

Note that I never allow 3rd party (non Paizo) material (unless I honestly think they are balanced and appropriate but you gotta ask first), and I do not allow material that I don’t have access to personally.

The various animal-people races are banned unless the setting allows for it, just like the Ninja, Samurai, Antipaladin (evil aligned only), Assassin (evil aligned only) classes.

Kitsune might be workable, but their human form only lasts a minute per level, and it takes a standard action to activate, although you can use this as often as you wish. Unless you use a hell of a high Disguise check, or the rest of the party is just fine with you being an animal and you have limited contact with human society, you are screwed.

List of all the classes I regularly use:

Warriors: Unchained Barbarian, Unchained Monk, Paladin, Fighter, Ranger (and possibly Samurai if the setting is right), Cavalier

Skill Monkeys: Bard, Ranger, Unchained Rogue

Divine casters: Druid, Cleric, Oracle, Inquisitor

Arcane casters: Sorcerer, Wizard, Witch, Alchemist, Magus

Psychics: Kineticist, Medium, Mesmerist, Occultist, Psychic, Spiritualist

We already have a Rogue, Wizard, Bard, and melee Fighter in the group, and we need a Cleric, having darkvision, as well as a very good Stealth skill. I can handle up to 2 more players. Perhaps a good 6th would be a bowyer Fighter, or a Sorcerer that does distance damage. Currently we are 9th level as of 11/15/23

No severe emotional problems, this is meant to be escapist fun, not therapy.

Hi! I know this is a few weeks old, but wanted to see if the offer to join the game is still available. I’m new to Pathfinder, but I have been playing TTRPGs for several years.

Hope this finds you well.

Well, as long as you are willing to be taught things like tactics and strategy, I can help. You need to play well with others, as in practice teamwork and treat each other as if you were LG. Give me 24 hours advance notice if you plan on canceling, so I can tell the others you aren’t coming. Show up 75% of the time, yes I understand that emergencies happen and I don’t mind that.

Right now, we have a Unchained Rogue who acts like a pragmatic assassin, a universalist Wizard who makes magic items but stupidly doesn’t max out his knowledges, a melee Fighter, a female version of James Bond in a Bard, a Cleric. Every character needs Stealth and Darkvision. We are fighting a lot of giants at the moment, and in the future wizards, which means a high AC, high saving throws, and decent HP is necessary. We could use a ranged Fighter or a Socrcerer (blaster, likes to spam damage or control spells). We are currently 9th level.

Still Interested? Rise of the Runelords, and we will eventually get to all of the prewritten adventures just about, I have over a dozen. I also run Vampire. Maybe I can convince my best friend to run Champions 5th (superhero rpg). Forgot to add, we play on Facebook video chat to keep things simple, no VTT.

You can PM me if what I wrote seems okay to you. I really try not to ask much, and to be helpful as a GM in between game sessions.

Not sure how to direct message here, but yes I am still interested. I can fill whatever role is needed.

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Are you still looking for new players? I’ve been playing TTRPGs since I was 14 years old (I’m 50 now). I am quite familiar with Pathfinder 1e. Honestly, after some of the things that I’ve read about Pathfinder 2e, I’m not all that keen on trying 2e.

I have a character ready to go. I created her using the “4d6, drop the lowest die, arrange to taste” method. She is a little bit “out there” though (as in, not your typical race or class). She’s an alu-fiend. Her father is an evil drow wizard, and her mother is a greater succubus. This does give her some racial resistances and immunities, as well as a few spell like powers. However, I actually trimmed them down from what the books said that she should have, so she’s not as powerful as she should be.

As for her class, that one is from a third party publisher. Specifically, she is a tantrist from The Book Of Erotic Fantasy. She harnesses the energy created during coitus, and uses that energy to fuel her arcane spells (this is based on an actual practice done by some real life witches). Tantrists are very good at Evocation magic, and cast evocation spells at one level higher than their casting level. They also get domain spells and powers, much like clerics.

Because my character needs to engage in coitus to recharge her spells every day, she has a bodyguard/lover who follows her everywhere. A two handed warrior former gladiator male verbeeg. He’s the subject of an arcane experiment of my characters father. He was killed, stripped of all flesh, then his bones were all magically hardened (via the “Harden” spell, giving them a hardness rating of 17, somewhere between mithril and adamantite). Then he was resurrected. The result was a living giant with a skeleton that’s virtually indestructible. The flesh outside of the skeleton is still vulnerable to damage, but the bones themselves are nearly impossible to cut through or break. Making his heart, lungs, and brain very well protected.

I know, these are fairly outlandish characters. Due to their unusual races, they may have to remain at least one level below the rest of the party. The tantrist anyway. The bodyguard is two levels lower than her (while technically not a cohort, I decided to write him up using cohort rules). Which would make him three levels lower than everyone else. So it should balance out . . . . I think. Honestly, I’ve never tried playing an alu-fiend before, nor a tantrist. But I don’t think that either of them are overpowered, even when combined. And while I’ve never played a verbeeg either, I have played warriors with extraordinary strength and constitution back in AD&D 1e & 2e. So the bodyguard wouldn’t be all that different. Besides, he still wears his impractical designed gladiator armor into battle. He might do a lot of damage per hit and have a lot of HP, but his AC is crap.

Anyway, let me know what you think.

No third party publishers, sorry man. As for the race, I don’t recognize it. Closest I could come would be a tiefling. Right now though, the greater issue is that I am running Vampire every 2 weeks on Sundays, and I was going to run Pathfinder 1e, but I gotta ask everyone to chip in since roll20 apparently demands dough for the maps to Rise of the Runelords. I also have to learn how to use roll20, and to that end I am watching videos on youtube.


An alu-fiend would be one generation before tiefling. Where an alu-fiend or a cambion would be the result of a demon mating with a mortal, a tiefling is the result of a half demon (alu-fiend or cambion) mating with a full blooded mortal (human, elf, dwarf, whatever). Every generation there after is then a tiefling. If the demon blood is watered down enough, they may be considered members of the mortal race once again. However, members of that bloodline would be prone to developing sorcery of the diabolical or abyssal bloodlines, or they may spontaneously give birth to a tiefling.

As for the tantrist? Honestly, it’s more like choosing a class archetype than it is a completely new class. Like choosing the two weapon style fighter, or the two handed warrior instead of just the plain old fighter. Or choosing the berserker instead of just a Barbarian. Or the necromancer instead of just a mage. It adds flavor to an overused character class.

No. It would involve a 6 level penalty since it has hit dice.

Also not interested in Book of Erotic Fantasy classes. This is a “fade to black” when it comes to sexual situations game.

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