Palace of the Golden Princess launched on Kickstarter for the OSE system


OSE game systems just gained another publisher today with the release of Pocket Jacks Comics, Palace of the Golden Princess launch on Kickstarter.

The most infamous adventure recall of all time

Way back in 1981, then publisher of Dungeons and Dragons, TSR recalled and destroyed scenario B3, the Palace of the Silver Princess, citing S&M elements inappropriate for their audience. For those who are interested in what elements exactly TSR management deemed to be inappropriate, I go into that on my YouTube channel.

I ran this adventure for Doug Tenapel and his son Ed during quarantine and thought it would make an interesting world for a comic book. Towards that end, I have Kickstarter the first two issues of my five issue comic series, Palace of the Golden Princess.

I marvel at some of the other entrepreneurs I see working in this space and thought I would throw my hat into the ring as an RPG publisher.

This Kickstarter offers…

…a 28 page full color adventure written for the Old School Essentials system. If you are interested in seeing that 5e version of it, click here for a free PDF copy.

I took the spirit of the original B3 adventure to create a femdom town next to a dungeon to explore. I went a bit further and created a world for this adventure, behold!

I’ve also got some great add-ons, included some gorgeous Frazetta art books.

Back on Kickstarter:

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