[Online] [5e] [Friday 8PM EST] Seeking mature adult players (BIPOC, LGBTQ+, Newer players welcomed)

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Hello Adventurers,

We are, Demise and Sholeh, the Dungeon Masters. Yep, that’s right. Two DMs! We are running a game that has two Co-DMs leading simultaneously. The DMs will work out the details to create an experience that is more vibrant with stories that are richer and more complex!

We have worked together on several projects besides D&D, and we know each other’s DMing styles very well. We are confident that we will have no issues co-DMing, but we do admit that there may be a few speed bumps along the way.

This table has a zero tolerance policy. It is a BIPOC, LGBTQ+, Female Friendly table (Female Co-DM). Violations of such will result in being removed without discussion.

About Demise(he/him):
I have been playing Dungeons & Dragons (and other TTRPGs) since 2000 and playing as Dungeon Master/Game Master since 2003/2004. I’ve played and been a game master for Dungeons and Dragons (Advanced D&D, D&D 3.0, D&D 3.5, D&D 4.0, D&D 5.0), World of Darkness (Vampire the Masquerade, Mage the Ascension) Dungeon Worlds, Mutants and Masterminds, Pathfinder. I’ve been a player in Pathfinder 2, Stars without numbers, Blades in the Dark, Scum and villainy, Spire, and I’m sure I’m missing a few.

It’s important to remember that we are playing a game, a game that has a complex world filled with nuances and requires fine balance. The rules are the rules for a reason, finding good ways to use the rules is great, but the rules should not bend. I am not a rules writer, I highly doubt I will find a player who is, without having that full breadth of knowledge, I don’t think anyone should overly bend the rules. Even a minor bend might infringe upon another class’s primary ability/gimmick, and that is not fair.

I love gritty dark themes, horror, survival, political struggles, and that overall wonder if you are actually impacting the world for good or bad. Each choice has an impact and that impact is how the players shape the world.

I believe that D&D (and other TTRPGs) are team based games. Everyone should be equally involved, no one should feel left behind, and most importantly, players should be able to have strengths and weaknesses that provide balance. No one player should become more important than the others. I also believe that chance is chance, bad rolls happen. If you cannot accept that, this isn’t the table for you.

About Sholeh (she/her):
I started playing D&D through a homebrewed 5e setting several years ago. I have always been a support character (though not always a healing one) every time I am a player. I enjoy helping others see their potential and enabling them to do awesome things within the guidelines of the rules. The transition from player to DM was overwhelming but incredibly satisfying.

I have been DMing since 2020. Coming from a writing background, I feel that my strongest ability as a DM is to bring a story and its characters to life. I enjoy adding in PC’s backstories when I can and allowing them to grow as a part of the world.

I too love dark, gritty themes with added horror and survival. I will often: Narrate battles explaining gory details, introduce NPCs with unstable mentalities, or add my own flair to a module with additional plot twists.

I believe in Rules as Written (RAW). I seek to create an environment where PCs can explore, pursue combat or invent ways to get around it. I see myself as more of a narrator wherein it is my job to tell the players what happens as an outcome of the actions they take. To me, this means that actions might have consequences, and the choices players make are important and will change the world around them.

We are expecting to have Session Zero on Aug 121th. Sessions will run from 8:00pm to 11:30pm EST every Friday. This includes a 15 minute mid-game break.

It is expected that players commit 2 to 4 hours during the week (outside of game time) to look at: Announcements, chats, level ups, character review/refresh, team synergy, and other items related to game.

The game will primarily be in the Forgotten Realms setting. It is heavily focused on the Sword Coast. Players are expected to understand the lore of the region and their race. Player Characters (PCs) are expected to fit in the existing world, as well as understand the culture, government, and society. The first few campaigns (expected to span roughly two years of real life play time) will be a mix of premade adventures seamlessly stitched and scaled with some additions to round out the edges where needed.

Future campaigns (two years+ from the start of the zero session) may move into Ebberon, Dragonlance, or a homebrewed world.

Long Term Outlook for the Group:

We aim to have a group that wants to work together, understands the strengths and flaws of various classes, and works out how to address challenges as a team. We would like to create a group like we have had in the past that lasts not for a few months but several years. This is a hobby that a lot of time, blood, sweat, and tears have been poured into, and we hope that shows in the quality of the setting.

How do we get to a point where we take total strangers and see if they mesh well together? Great question! There is a screener questionnaire that is required to be filled out.

As an introduction to Foundry, our VTT hosted on Forge, and to gauge how well the party is working, our first campaign will be on the shorter side. It will wrap up in 6-10 weeks. The hope is that everyone would like to continue forward.

What we are Looking for in Terms of Players:

  1. Commitment: Show up on time and be ready to play. Please note that those who frequently miss sessions will be replaced.

  2. Maturity: We are adults and would like to play with other adults our age. This game is set for players 35+ years old.

  3. Honesty: Players who need to ‘fudge’ rolls or cheat in other ways will not be welcome. There is an expectation that if the player is not having fun or enjoying the game, it should be brought up.

  4. Seriousness: Joke characters are not welcome here. Players are expected to understand the lore and history of their selected race. In the last question, put your favorite book as the first word, do not post about this in the comment sections.

  5. Interest: Players are expected to know the lore and history of the race they pick and how that race fits into the setting (The Forgotten Realms). Players are expected to learn and understand the class they pick, the role(s) the class fills, and how to work towards synergies with other players.

  6. Respect: We are all mature adults. OOC Racism, sexism, LGBTQ-phobia, real-life politics, and religion have no place here. These themes may happen within gameplay.

Requirements for Players:

  1. A quality working mic with stable enough internet that we can clearly hear you with no background. We are all here to have a good time. Missing what is said or picking up background noises can be distracting for others.
  2. Discord. It’s free and more or less the standard these days.
  3. Forge VTT Account. A free Forge account sign-up is required. We will be using Foundry hosted on the Forge. Foundry is browser based, please see the client system requirements here.
  4. All characters must be made on D&D Beyond, I will be sharing some of my official materials. (No homebrew or Unearthed Arcana will be allowed.)
  5. Each player must answer the questionnaire. If you have a partner/group, please state that in the last question with their discord name(s). Your partner/group must answer the questionnaire and submit a response on their own.


  1. Rules as Written (RAW). Creativity is encouraged and even rewarded, however this table tries to stay as close as possible to RAW.
  2. Breakdown of Gameplay Estimates: Roleplay 45%, Combat 30%, Exploration 25%
  3. Players handbook + one other source book (all races, subclasses, and backgrounds must come from PHB and this one book)
  4. Death: It happens. Players may not play the same class that they have previously played (resets when 10 different classes have been played)
  5. Warforge, guns, Critical Role Content, and Spelljammer Content have been banned. No exceptions.
  6. Eberron content (outside of the listed), Magic the Gathering, and Dragonlance Content may be allowed. If you want to use these books, please be ready to speak about them during the interview process.
  7. PC romances must be pre-approved by all players involved.
  8. NPC romances are allowed and do not need to be pre-approved.
  9. Keep romances PG-13. All in-game sexual actions Fade to Black aka Fadeout and are never described.

By applying to this game, you agree to the following Adult themes that are pre-written in Wizards’ D&D 5e Adventure Modules. These Adult themes may happen to animals, children, NPCs, and PCs.

Themes include but are not limited to: Phobias (spiders, heights, flying, snakes, dogs, needles, thunder/lighting, abandonment etc. etc. etc.), graphic violence, horror, injury, death, abuse (physical, mental, gaslighting, threats), and prejudice (racism, classism, and sexism).

We will not be adapting modules to accommodate individual comfort levels. Wizards’ has published Adventures that are suitable for the target audience. Homebrewed and/or modified content will follow existing Wizards’ Modules.

If there is anything outside of what is listed above that is a soft or hard limit, please be ready to speak about it during the interview.

Request from us:
After you are accepted, if you feel the table is not a good fit for you, please contact the DMs prior to leaving the game to explain why. Feedback is appreciated. And perhaps a resolution could be found. In addition to this, you may also be contacted for a discussion with the DMs if you are not a good fit for the table. Again, the goal will be to find a resolution before being asked to leave.

Questionnaire: https://forms.gle/di22KRkkLCUekG9X7

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