Older group looking for a player or two

Looking for a player for Pathfinder 1.

We like to play every other Saturday usually from 5 to 10 CST using Roll20
Looking for mature 38+ or old souls. Military friendly, non woke

I already have a group going, but could absorb up to 2 more.

We are 3 unfortunately. Appreciate you reaching out. If you need three let me know

I’d like to hear more about the group, if an opening remains.


Yes we do have an opening. We have 4 right now (five if you joined) The dm that is running runs a 80/20 heavy combat game. If you would like to hear more (starship troopers) I can link you up with the dm.

Yes, please do.

Much obliged.

I have been gaming since about 1980. All sorts of games. My experience is mostly 2e with some more recent 5e as well. Thus far, all of my gameplay has been in person with no virtual table top experience.

I am 58, ex-Navy, as non-PC as you will likely find and absolutely prefer combat heavy gaming… it is, perhaps, the second best stress reliever. I live in the far Western suburbs of Chicago.

If you think we would be a good fit, shoot me a line. :slight_smile:

where are you located? it does not say.

Its an online game cst. We might be full up at the moment

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