Old School Rocks!

I’ve been bed-bound with a gammy foot, loopy on Vicodin, reading and listening to all the OGL 1.1 blather. It’s really much better on Vicodin, I swear. So it got me to thinking about giving stuff away, and then taking it back.

Yeas ago, there was a big debate in the blogosphere about what OSR really meant, and whether the R even really meant Renaissance. So I smart-assedly drew this:

And in the spirit of giving, I gave it to the OSR community, for whatever they wanted to use it for, no take backs. I’ve seen it scattered all over the place, from t-shirts, coffee mugs, and micro-brewery beer labels, to the intro of Captcorajus’ Old School Review Videos. It’s STILL available for free to anyone who wants to use it - just saying. :slight_smile:

Being an even bigger smart-ass, I came up with another acronym for OSR and made a graphic for it:

Regretfully, though, I don’t think I can give this one away. Something about an OGL IP violation or something. :crazy_face:

Easing back into the Vicodin,
– Ark


Consider the former added to the collection. I’m grabbing the latter too. Screw Lizbro.

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