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Well @nijineko has lit a fire under me regarding my psionic system. (Phoenix Psinoic System) I find myself noodling and fixing things that have long needed fixing. Yes, the results will show up in the file above.

In one of their posts it is mentioned a number of things that could happen, but the rules do not allow for. Yes, those things are possible, but I write Old School. “That which is not forbidden, is permitted.” I do not mention everything that could happen, because you can’t. It is physically and mentally impossible to account for the creativity of anyone else.

I had a friend who had a group of contrarians. She kept trying to crank down her rules to exclude idiot moves. The problem with this approach is you get to the point you might as well write a video game, or a novel. Smart people are creative, and will think of things you did not, so are idiots. My dad often quotes “You cannot idiot proof something because idiots are ingenious.” The effect is if you try and exclude idiot moves, you also exclude smart moves. Both are creative.

I am of the option, having played New School rules that they do limit creativity. It is better to write your game to allow for slack and please the Bob.

Idiots and contrarians are best dealt with via consequences. All actions have an equal and opposite reaction. This happens socially as well. So if a player’s PC pulls a bonehead move, do not save them from it. If they continue to eat the consequences of boneheadedness they will either grow a brain, or find a different game to infest.

Allow for slack. Let your players do things the rules might not think of. Your game wil be better.



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