NY, NJ, PA Junction - Looking for RPG game and/or Battletech

Looking for a role-playing group to join, and pretty flexible on what system is used.
Also looking for some Battletech poeple to do some one-offs or try to get a campaign going.
I am in the northwest corner of NJ, right on the border of Montague, NJ, Port Jervis, NY, and Milton, PA. Have car and can travel a reasonable distance to play also.

Hey Tasala, I’m in the Morris/Hunterdon County area. Let me know if you put something together, then I can glom on.

I’m not picky.

I will keep you in the loop if something forms up.

Awesome, thanks for thinking of me.

There might be a Rifts game forming at the Grisled Stag (store) in Port Jervis on Sundays. Currently in the planning phase with 2 players, 1 GM.