North Orange County CA starting group

a co-worker and i r trying to start a group. we’ll likely play in the Fullerton area. We’re flexible re: system. My co-worker has mostly played d&d 5E but is open to trying other systems. I’ve played pretty much everything.

We’d like to find players who can commit to a weekly live session, or every other week if weekly doesn’t work out. I personally have little patience for group members who no-show or cancel at the last minute. If you commit to the group, please be prepared to attend most if not all sessions.

We’re talking about starting in the early afternoon and playing solid 6-8 hr sessions. This may be a factor for your ability to commit to the sessions. I totally get that life happens. All we ask is open communication and a recognition that other people have set aside the game time out of their busy lives.

We’ll likely end up playing on a weekday, and we’d like to establish an expectation that sessions will be held on the same day every week.

All are welcome: all opinions, all creeds, all backgrounds, all lifestyles. We’ll all get along so long we don’t insist that everyone else agree with us.

For full disclosure, my co-worker and I r both guys age 40+.

I’m in the western Inland Empire. Is your friend or you planning to DM or are you looking for a DM? While I can do so because I’m retired, you might find difficulty finding finding 3 - 5 other people willing to commit to 6 - 8 hour sessions weekly or even biweekly on a weekday. If you would like to discuss this more feel free to direct message me.


thnx for the reply.

i will DM initially then, if the group develops any longevity, I’m hoping others will run their own games and we can start kind of a round-robin. that said, I’ve always been the DM for my groups and am perfectly comfortable being the only one in the group if no one else wants to. my co-worker is also a DM.

yes i expect we may have trouble finding a full grouo that can commit to the schedule we want. i find that the first 1-2 hours of any game session often get burned up with non-game matters: 1-2 players are late, 2-3 bring food to eat before play begins, as the group continues acquaintances and friendships develop which encourage a period of “catching up” before every session. etc etc My point is that a 6-8 hour session becomes a 5-6 hour session in short order, and personally I dislike getting everything and everyone ready for a session then playing only 3 hours. it’s unsatisfying.

is this a direct message? I’m not all that familiar with this website.

You replied in the main thread, but given that you posted no personally identifiable information it’s not a big deal. I would be interested in running a 1e AD&D game if others are interested.

The main point I was attempting to make regarding have such long sessions during the work week was that I think you’ll be hard-pressed to find enough people that will be willing to commit if they have to be to work the following morning. For example if one works until 5pm how early do you think the session could realistically start during the work week? So a 6 - 8 hour session starting at 6pm during the week? Do you think people are going to desire to have a session lasting until midnight or later if they then have to be at work at 8am or earlier the following morning?

You and you co-worker may want to consider an 8+ hour session one or two Saturdays a month on rotating weeks (i.e. shift between the 1st & 3rd Saturdays one month & the 2nd & 4th Saturdays the following month or something similar). Also are you or your co-worker planning to host this at one of your homes, to rent a table a local game store or do you plan to use some other public space?

re the specific day, one or both of us work most weekends so weekdays is the reliable weekly time that we can both be off. I’m planning on hosting at my home in the Fullerton area. I’d want to start at like 11 AM or noon. i know this is a reach to find a big group but it’s what we have to work with.

1E?! there aren’t many of us left who can even talk about that much less play it. 1E and 2E were what i grew up with, though the similarities between 5E and 1E/2E made it much easier for me to learn than 3E and 4E.

i think if we end up finding the grouo we want, it will be people with unusual schedules such as mine and my co-workers. wish us luck, i guess.

I’m still interested, I would have no problem being in Fullerton at 11am during the week for an 8 hour session. Feel free to direct message me by clicking on my name or avatar & followed clicking on the purple “Message” envelope icon in the upper right corner on the next webpage if you’d like to discuss this in person. Maybe meet at a restaurant or bar local to you if you wish.

I started in '83 with Mentzer Red Box Basic before quickly switching to 1e AD&D & continued to play it through 2000 subsequent to playing 3.x & Pathfinder 1e afterwards. Used material from 2e in the 1e games during the '90s given the 95%+ similarity between 1e & 2e.

yeah a meetup would be great. what’s your area? if you and i can find somewhere convenient, i’ll try to get my co-worker to join us.

hmm looks like I’ll have to put some form of personal info in these replies. they’ve restricted PMs for unseasoned accounts.

you can reach me direct at