North of Austin, TX, USA

Looking for a new group after having moved to Austin in 2021. I’m currently still playing with my old DFW group via Discord/R20…

Genres I like

Fantasy, Sci-Fi, light Horror, Dark Future, Modern Fantasy

Systems I like

Pathfinder 1e (including Spheres!), FFG SW, Unhallowed Metropolis, Symbaroum, Forbidden Lands

Also have copies of Asunder, Exalted 3e, Monster Care Squad, Red Aegis, Twilight 2000, and lots of others (mostly via KSs)

Styles of games that I like

Balanced RP/combat

What I am looking for in a group

I’m not looking for 100% silly or 100% serious. I don’t want to be chastised for quoting Monty Python/Star Wars/Star Trek, and I don’t want to have to remind anyone what were gathered for.

My gaming availability

Looking for a weekly game, ideally on Saturday evenings.

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Hi, I’m running a combo 1st/2nd edition DnD campaign. Due to the holidays though we are on hiatus until next month. Two of my players live in Austin another lives in Georgetown. Myself, l live in Jarrell and the schedule is usually every other Saturday from 11am to about 6pm thereabouts. Since we haven’t had a session in a bit, I’m going to try and do 2 or 3 back to back sessions. If you’re interested drop a line…

Hey there! Thanks for the offer, but I’ve never played either edition, so would be completely lost. lol

Not a problem but you’re still welcome to stop by and check it out…could use you as an NPC?:nerd_face::nerd_face:

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