No Mans Land, NC between Raleigh-Durham and the VA state line

In Search of

A local group to play with would be great, but as much as I’m looking for a group I’m also just looking for gamers in the area. I moved to this locale just before COVID hit, and so didn’t get to really have much opportunity to investigate the local (or semi-local) RPG community. Now that the world is climbing out of lockdown I’m looking to find my peoples.

Genres I like

Most (Superheroes, Pulp Adventures, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Cosmic Horror, Espionage… Really, the only genres I tend to shy away from are are few of the squickier horror variants).

Systems I like

AGE, PbtA, BRP, (old) D&D, Vortex, Fate, Hero System, Icons, 2D20, Traveller/Cepheus, Ubiquity, WEGd6, Gumshoe, and many others.

Styles of games that I like

Balanced Roleplaying/Combat

What I am looking for in a group

While I appreciate a group that can take its gaming seriously, I prefer when that seriousness is applied to their commitment to the game rather than the at the table behaviors. (In other words, if you say you’re going to be at a session be there, or let the group know ASAP that your plans have changed don’t leave us hanging). Within game, I can see things mostly serious, but not “grim/dark serious”. Every once in a while, you just have to acknowledge the inherent silliness of what your characters are doing.

My gaming availability

Peculiar. Generally available on Sundays, about half of my Saturdays, and Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. This occasionally gets superseded by the needs of my job, but I usually have a fair amount of advance notice when that’s going to happen.

If you are willing to play an online game Every-Other-Saturday (our next two games are April 22 & May 06) you can join my Shadowrun Game (4th Edition). The game runs from 7pm to 10 Eastern.

Shadowrun has been called when D&D and Cyberpunk had a baby…

My Contact info is:

I’ve got a couple of online games I’m involved in (but thanks!). I’m really just trying to find local people who share my hobby. I miss in-person gaming.

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