New Tiny D6: Tiny Cyberpunk (funded in 90 minutes) This was half funded about 30 minutes in, when I first looked at it on Kickstarter. If you want a rules lite Cyberpunk game, here ye be.

An upcoming YouTube video about it (airing at 9 PM Eastern on 11/16):


One of the few companies I follow on kickstarter. I was thinking of combining with Tiny Dungeons and doing a Shadowrun like game.


Haven’t backed a lot of their games, at least compared to how many KickStarters they’ve had, but yeah when I see their name attached to a game, I at least consider it (just checked, 9 of the 22 I’ve backed have GKG involved in some capacity, like either as “publisher” for a game from another person, or directly written by them). I’ve had nothing but good luck with them.

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Interesting. I never heard of this company or rule set. The dice system is like ShadowRun lite (or Tiny dicepool SharowRun) - and makes Dulsi’s idea even cooler / more ironic. I am likely to try the same Tiny SR concept at some point. I’m likely to get Cyberpunk, Dungeons, Cthulhu, & Frontiers. Not sure if that means I need to try Star Cthulhu at some point :wink: Torn on Wastelands and not interested in the others.

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I only found them in the past 3 years or so and like the rules-lite settings. Makes it easy to introduce new players without bogging them down with a bunch of rules. And they are designed to be able to be mashed together (one of the cthulhu micro-settings mashes cthulhu and dungeons) with minimal fuss.

Yeah, that sounds awesome. We have been thinking of trying to find a minimalistic rule set to try and offer RPGs at the local senior center - and for introducing people that aren’t sure what to think and have never been exposed. I have not had time to do deep research on the topic, but this seems like it could be a good (what, maybe) light to medium light, but not extra light rule set?

On the front of introducing the unexposed or leery - what is the best succinct way to describe an RPG?

My notion is “An RPG is part game of chance, part collaborative storytelling (not unlike improv), and both aspects influence the other.”

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If you haven’t already, click on the Kickstarter link (GKG and Alan Bahr, [the owner] are pretty good about giving a basic rules rundown in the description). The mechanics are the same across the board, with minor changes for genre. The quick and ugly is: Typical test, roll 2d6. Get a 5 or a 6 on either die and you succeed. Advantage is 3d6; disadvantage, 1d6. You get two actions per turn. If you choose to focus on action one, success is on a 4, 5, or 6. (Think attack, attack; attack, move; move, attack; focus, attack; attack, evade; that’s most scenarios). Disadvantage overrules advantage in 99.9% of circumstances. In combat, damage is typically 1 HP, though some weapons do 2 damage. The “rules” cover typically 60 to 80 pages, before any goodies like micro-settings, or whatever.
Not a GKG or Tiny D6 shill, but I do like the rules-lite mentality it brings to the table (pun both intended and unintended). My thought is always I am trying to sell them on the concept of the RPG, and not necessarily the system, so if I can get someone interested using a system like this, they’ll likely want to branch out at some point. Though I would think “most” of us here, or at least a lot of us, think that way.

I got a bunch I may never use like Knights of the Underbed or Tiny Gods or Tiny Gunslingers. But I do recommend the TinyD6 version of Thunderscape. I still haven’t run it yet but the setting looked interesting to me.

This is what I did for a Star Wars one shot using Tiny Frontiers. Also did a follow up adventure.

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