New Pathfinder 1e Group Needs Players

I’m trying to get a group together for some good, old fashioned, in person Table Top Role Playing. Specifically we will be playing Pathfinder 1e, and we will be using the setting of Tal’Dorei.

We will be playing fairly fast and loose with certain rules. Nearly any Pathfinder 1e book or D&D 3.5 compatible book would be considered for use, as long as it’s balanced. This includes certain monstrous humanoids as PCs (with DM permission).

The campaign should be a fairly good balance between RP and combat. Characters should be NON EVIL ALIGNMENTS ONLY. Actions WILL have consequences in this campaign, so please no murder-hobos.

The day of the week and frequency of the games is yet to be determined. Personally I’m currently free pretty much any time, but others might have very different schedules from mine. So we’ll have to see what the majority can agree on.

Characters will start at 5th level. This is high enough to allow the party wizard to cast 3rd level spells and give the martial classes enough HP to do pretty well in combat, without making everything a cakewalk.

If you live in the Vancouver/Surrey, BC Canada :canada: area and this sounds like your type of game, please contact me.

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