Mute post or mute reply features

Will the there be a way to block posts or replies? Since we’re keeping things friendly and minimizing clutter here, we’re bound to encounter passive aggressive or trigger posts that are not easily recognized or repeated instances of borderline junk replies or toxic referenced name-calling.

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You have a couple different options if that happens. You can flag any problematic post or topic for moderator review, and moderators are able to close topics to prevent any further replies. If you just don’t want to see that post come up in your latest feed anymore, you can also mute the topic using the alarm bell icon below the message scroll wheel on the right. As below:

Also, topics will automatically be closed down for review if at least 5 people have flagged it – that number can be changed as we need based on the current size of the active member community.

Does that cover what you were looking for?

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Good to know. Is mute reversable if done accidentally?

I’m guessing it’s not possible to mute specific replies.

You can go back into the thread and change the settings.

No. Not sure how that would work. But you can mute or ignore individuals as well by clicking into their profile and changing their notification settings from Normal to Mute or Ignore.