Honestly, I get the motivation here. I’m married. But…I have all these unpainted miniatures. Bones 2 kickstarter and I’ve barely touched them. And all the usual suspects from trips to the hobby store. We shall not even get into the Strategic Styrene Stash.

So I’m sitting here on a rare early morning, just sort of spilling my brains. The edit window on the forum is too small, off center and the tag system makes no sense. How do you access more than the few limited tags that are up front? Other than that I like the new software. The older style does have points however. The love child between the two would be a good thing.

Last Saturday…The gang went after a suspected gang of cannibals. One of their victims escaped and got to a crown representative, awkward. So they take the flying skiff the 200 miles to the location and do a quick flyover. A cliff side castle that is in partial ruin. A dock area with five ships.

Now the castle runs down the cliff. A bailly at the bottom, and a less intact one at the top. The keep is set into the cliff itself. They make camp in a long ruined village at the top.

In the morning they get into the upper bailey, a task made easy by the ruined state. As they observe below most of the keep inhabitants split into two crews of about 20 each and take two of the ships to sea.

The door to the keep was sealed, rocks and mortar. The roof 30 feet up is ruined, they go in that way. Two floors of nothing but ruins and rot. Then the stairs to the next floor have been closed off. Filled in with timbers and plaster. Dora axes if she can come in. It turned out the stairs are gone to. Stone stairs. An unwise move with two higher stairs now supported by nothing but floor.

As the case my be. This floor is obviously a prison Currently empty. Aided by silence spells they make their way down. The locked door at the bottom is quickly overcome. They encounter ten people piecemeal, nine women and one old man going about domestic tasks. They are quickly apprehended and placed in the convenient prison above. Only the old man had to be stabilized from wounds.

While the rest of the party secured the keep and called on the Psychic Friends Network for the bigger ship (Eight hours until arrival) Dora flew out over the sea and found the two ships. Only moving at 5 knots they had not gone far. She swooped down on the first and surprised them. She burned their sails. The second ship got the same treatment. She cruised around until they got the backup sails rigged and hit them again. This time she bought an arrow. They were looking for her.

Deprived of sails they broke out their sweeps, but turned back. They will never catch anything with those. They will return to find the castle armed against them, the remaining ships disabled.

There we ended for the night.

Oh Dora:

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