More Computers (Somewhat related to Gaming)


It’s been a bad week for the old computers.
*Amanda, my Wife’s laptop is officially tits up and a brick. We replace it tonight.

*Thinker my old laptop is fast approaching brick and will be one without a new system board. We are talking +/- $50. I’m up in the air about this.

*My old “portable” DVD burner became a brick just as I was upgrading to Suse 15.5 on Black Beauty. Just grind and grind. Mind you this is an old internal IDE drive in an external case. Buuut, I have a still wrapped from the factory IDE DVD burner in the drawer. The swap resulted in a drooped screw and two days of cable management when said screw fell into the cable snarl between the desks. I did find the screw, one unused USB cable, 4 cat5 cables about 50 feet, an unused router and a laptop power supply. It is still a snarl, but less of one, and not as blue.

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Been there, done that, got the t-shirt! :smiley:

me/ Pours beer to weep into same.

I have come to believe that if you set one item of electronics on a table or desk a snarl of cables will spontaneously generate.

After nine years I finally bought a new laptop. Got a Framework 16. I discovered that a controller isn’t that slow at turning in 7 Days to Die. It was simply that my old machine couldn’t handle it.

Sorry about your trouble.

As to the T-61. It would be the same price to replace the whole computer as to buy a system board. Also the system board is at the bottom of the stack. A lot of work to reach it.

Conclusion. 16 year old laptop. Let it die. Getting another one is good money for ancient hardware. If I wish a backup laptop, keep my eyes open for something not too pricey and a lot newer.

It took finding out that 50 bucks was the going rate for one. I had a lot of good use from the machine. I have no nostalgia for the model. I’m not spending money on a new/old one of that make. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for a decent back up of a much younger vintage. Used, but not THAT used.