More About Books

The work on the RPG Library is kinda done. My stuff is cataloged. A few items are missing, I’ll be scouring the boxes and shelves for same. To Find a King, and The Bane of Llywelyn are on the lam. My son wants his stuff cataloged as well. That is a lot of writing. The tags are now over 600 without his books

I need to get the Judges’ Guild work into Comic bags. The paper is notably in bad shape, that dusty feel that deteriorating paper has. Well, they were made on the cheap, and it is telling.

Tegal Manor was my first module. I remember it fondly, and sadly it heavily influenced my own writing for years. Well, wasn’t that how it was done? Yes actually it was. Story was not an issue to start with. Kill monster, take treasure. Of course the owners of ancient manor houses had pit traps in the main hall. Who wouldn’t? The first order of business at any session was whose dungeon we were doing that night. Location on a map was not even considered.

Down in the random maps folder I have the first map of what became the Campaign world you see on my website.

I miss those innocent eary days. (Yes,I’m a curmudgeon.) It was pure fun, no issues, no game company woes. Just caffeine, junk food, and not enough sleep. Game all weekend and drag my ass to work on Monday. Hey marrying my gaming friend meant I didn’t have to drive home on Sunday night.

I’ll be scouring the boxes and shelves for same.

Don’t you hate it when you know stuff is missing, and it shouldn’t be? I moved recently and now have an in=home office with floor to ceilings built-in bookcases on two wall, plus an attached room with built-ins on one wall - a glorious amount of book space. It’s the first time I’ve been able to actually get all of my RPG stuff into bookcases in decades.

I finally got it all out and alphabetized so I can find things, and have realized that I’ve not seen my boxed set of Rolemaster since three moves ago, and a few old D&D books in at least two moves. I don’t even know where to look.

I’ve heard that two moves is equal to a fire. I’ve lost stuff moving as well. However ran that module in this house, so it should be here. I;m not despairing, I still have my Son’s book case to go through, and a number of boxes. Some of his stuff got on my shelf, the opposite can happen.