Maze of Destiny: Unfortunate Mutations

Hi guys and gals,

I’m going to be sharing some of my fractal maze for you to add to your adventures. I draw my mazes from a top down perspective for a 3D layered maze. I seldom draw dead ends on purpose but sometimes accidents happen. I also sometimes shade in dead areas to help people figure out intended or accidental path options. Which also serves to introduce potentially new consequences depending on the mood of the GM. Included with the link to a completed maze section are some that are at different levels of completeness. These in-progress shots can be used to expand upon as you desire. These mazes are from Phase 3 of my fractal maze.

Green areas are a universal food gel. The catch is the food gel causes compounding mutations each time it is ingested. Similar “mutations” can be a consideration for other forms of life and/or mechanized/cyborg users of the green gel.

Red areas and lines are dual sided teleportation fields. This can be a messy affair depending on the mood or rules of the GM. Activation happens the instant interaction with the teleportation field occurs. That should be sufficiently broad to encompass all manner of potential mayhem. The fields teleport to other random points within the teleportation network. Each side of a teleportation field is independent of the other.

Walls are usually drawn in black. Their composition is “some sort of metal of unknown origin”. While it is implied there are ceilings and floors of the entire maze that is entirely up to the GM where and how that rule applies.

Other colors are generally regarded as access points to a fractal multiverse.

I’m pleased to have been asked to feature Maze Block #2 and two of its Maze Sections as an encounter on TableTop RPG Encounters. Game Masters from virtually any gaming system can use them to incorporate into their own campaigns. If the embedded link in the photo doesn’t work please use the one provided below:

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