Looking to form a group of people with LOTS of spare time, for regular games

DISCLAIMER: I have posted this in looking for group, and looking for players, because I am doing both. I hope this doesn’t violate any forum ettiquette.

Who I am: I’m an almost middle aged gamer with over 30 years experience in playing and GM’ing. Born and raised in England, but a lifelong Americanophile, and American citizen.

What I’m looking for: Mature and laidback players with lots of spare time

The pitch: I’m a full-time carer for a disabled wife. While this means I’m technically always on-call, it means I have a lot of downtime where I’m often alone (my wife sleeps a lot because of medication), and I’d like to fill as much of this time as possible with gaming. While my timezone is UTC (+00:00), I’m a night owl. I regularly have large chunks of free time between roughly about 9pm-5am UTC (+00:00), on most days.

What I’m looking for: Retirees, the disabled, trust fund millionaires, and other assorted rejects like myself that are flexible, and have a lot of time on their hands (and are likely to continue to have so), and want friendship and lots of gaming. My target group is probably Gen X’ers and old Millenials, but maturity, sense of humor, and lots of free time are the main prequisites.

I don’t mind GM’ing, but I need to play too, so everyone taking turns to GM games would be preferable.

Read this so no-one has their time wasted/ice melted: I grew up during the 80’s and 90’s. I am irreverent by nature, use no personal pronouns, enjoy blue jokes and double entendres, and I consider every group known to humanity as equally open to poking fun at. If you like words like problematic, or cultural appropriation, this is not the group for you. Like Fonzie, you must be cool.

Oh, and if your idea of RPGing is just playing D&D, you’re better off with another group. I don’t mind the occasional 3.5 or earlier game, but it is far from my favourite game.

Games I have run over the years:
Call Of Cthulhu *
Cartoon Action Hour *
Star Wars (West End Games D6)
Dark Champions *
Dark Heresy *
Deadlands: Weird/Wasted West
In Nomine
Marvel (Universe Roleplaying System and FASERIP) *
Savage Worlds (homebrew Victorian adventure setting) *
Space 1889
WFRP (1st and 2nd) *
World Of Darkness (mixed systems)
Vampire: Dark Ages

  • My most likely to run

Games I am particularly interested in playing
7th Sea
Alien the roleplaying game*
All flesh must be eaten
Ars Magica *
Blades in the dark
Brave New World
Call Of Cthulhu *
Cartoon Action Hour *
Conan: Adventures in an age undreamed of
Conspiracy X
Cyberpunk 2020
Dark Champions
Dark Conspiracy
The Dark Eye
Dark Heresy/Rogue Trader *
DC Heroes / DC Universe
Deadlands: Weird/Wasted West *
Doctor Who (any, as long as the setting is classic Who, not NuWho)
The Dresden Files
The Esoterrorists
Fading Suns
Feng Shui
Gear Krieg
Hollow Earth Expedition
Hong Kong Action Theater *
It came from the late, late, late show
James Bond 007
Judge Dredd (any except D20)
Marvel (most of them)
Millenium’s End
Mutant City Blues
Mutants & Masterminds *
The One Ring
Savage Worlds
Shadowrun (2nd or 3rd preferred) *
SLA Industries
Space 1889
Spirit Of The Century *
Star Trek (various)
Trail Of Cthulhu
WFRP (1st or 2nd) *

  • Extremely interested

I hope to hear from a few of you, and thank you for your time in reading my post. Have a good one!

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Sorry to hear about your wife. I think you’re using your time wisely. Unfortuantely I don’t have time available like that but I wish you luck finding a great group.


Thank you. She’s a trooper, and I even twist her arm in to playing from time to time, but it can be rough, and less quiet time would do me good.

Have a great day!


I’m 48 and disabled and sympathized with much of what you wrote. If I manage to force myself to play online again you seem like the kind of dude I’d get along with. The Fonz reference cinched it.


I’m a dice and dead-tree books kind of guy myself, and much prefer having a group around an actual table, but needs must as the Devil drives.

I’ve had several in-person groups collapse over the past decade due to player deaths/job changes/moves, then Covid nuked everything. So here I am, casting out a wider net, looking for forever friends :sob: :grinning:

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Yo. I’m the spokes person for a group of 4 (soon to be 5) idiots that have decided to be eternal vagabonds around the US. We’re definitely gamers and very much enjoy different games and systems - to the point that I’m in the process of creating an entirely new RPG system from scratch.

Right now we’re in the process of packing up and getting ready to travel around for the holidays, but we’re probably going to be spending Jan and Feb in one place and don’t plan to be perpetual campers and on the move so we have plenty of time and motivation to game. We’re used to the online play due to Covid and have a central microphone and wide angle webcam to try and be as close to in-person as possible.

Our group is weird and younger but the only topic we consider taboo is considering topics taboo.

We can easily rotate running and playing games as well.

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Hey. How’s it going? I’m on disability and have way too much time on my hands. Would love to meet new people and do some gaming.

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