Looking to form a group of people with LOTS of spare time, for regular games

Who I am: I’m an almost middle aged gamer with over 30 years experience in playing and GM’ing. Born and raised in England, but a lifelong Americanophile, and American citizen.

What I’m looking for: Mature and laidback players with lots of spare time

The pitch: I’m a full-time carer for a disabled wife. While this means I’m technically always on-call, it means I have a lot of downtime where I’m often alone (my wife sleeps a lot because of medication), and I’d like to fill as much of this time as possible with gaming. While my timezone is UTC (+00:00), I’m a night owl. I regularly have large chunks of free time between roughly about 9pm-5am UTC (+00:00), on most days.

What I’m looking for: Retirees, the disabled, trust fund millionaires, and other assorted rejects like myself that are flexible, and have a lot of time on their hands (and are likely to continue to have so), and want friendship and lots of gaming. My target group is probably Gen X’ers and old Millenials, but maturity, sense of humor, and lots of free time are the main prequisites.

I don’t mind GM’ing, but I need to play too, so everyone taking turns to GM games would be preferable.

Read this so no-one has their time wasted/ice melted: I grew up during the 80’s and 90’s. I am irreverent by nature, use no personal pronouns, enjoy blue jokes and double entendres, and I consider every group known to humanity as equally open to poking fun at. If you like words like problematic, or cultural appropriation, this is not the group for you. Like Fonzie, you must be cool.

Oh, and if your idea of RPGing is just playing D&D, you’re better off with another group. I don’t mind the occasional 3.5 or earlier game, but it is far from my favourite game.

Games I have run over the years:
Call Of Cthulhu *
Cartoon Action Hour *
Star Wars (West End Games D6)
Dark Champions *
Dark Heresy *
Deadlands: Weird/Wasted West
In Nomine
Marvel (Universe Roleplaying System and FASERIP) *
Savage Worlds (homebrew Victorian adventure setting) *
Space 1889
WFRP (1st and 2nd) *
World Of Darkness (mixed systems)
Vampire: Dark Ages

  • My most likely to run

Games I am particularly interested in playing
7th Sea
Alien the roleplaying game*
All flesh must be eaten
Ars Magica *
Blades in the dark
Brave New World
Call Of Cthulhu *
Cartoon Action Hour *
Conan: Adventures in an age undreamed of
Conspiracy X
Cyberpunk 2020
Dark Champions
Dark Conspiracy
The Dark Eye
Dark Heresy/Rogue Trader *
DC Heroes / DC Universe
Deadlands: Weird/Wasted West *
Doctor Who (any, as long as the setting is classic Who, not NuWho)
The Dresden Files
The Esoterrorists
Fading Suns
Feng Shui
Gear Krieg
Hollow Earth Expedition
Hong Kong Action Theater *
It came from the late, late, late show
James Bond 007
Judge Dredd (any except D20)
Marvel (most of them)
Millenium’s End
Mutant City Blues
Mutants & Masterminds *
The One Ring
Savage Worlds
Shadowrun (2nd or 3rd preferred) *
SLA Industries
Space 1889
Spirit Of The Century *
Star Trek (various)
Trail Of Cthulhu
WFRP (1st or 2nd) *

  • Extremely interested

I hope to hear from a few of you, and thank you for your time in reading my post. Have a good one!


Hello there!

I’m in my late 30’s, prior military, and pretty difficult to offend. I’ve played a good number of TTRPG’s in my time, but not nearly as many as it seems that you have. I unfortunately lost a lot of time investing in D&D 3.5 mostly due to lack of access and funding during that period. Still, I was inspired to respond because I do have a great deal of free time, and while I don’t have any experience in many of the systems you listed, I do have experience in a decent number of them, including some of the ones you were most excited to play.

I have also created my own TTRPG that I have been doing public beta testing for over the past 6 months. We’re very close to our second official Beta edit of the manual, and I’m very proud of the system itself. I’ve currently got 2 online games running you could join, and I’m always looking to start more. The link to the system document and character sheet is right here.

I’ve been running games for about 15 years or so now, and I have run a number of different systems. In that time period, I spent roughly 5 years DMing roughly 12 hours a day every day. The vast majority of the time you mentioned (9pm-5am UTC (+00:00)) is free for me on a daily basis. I’d love to talk games and RP sometime.


My man!

I like the eagerness, the free time, and the fact you won’t melt at my first accent.

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I am 45 disabled man.
I have a group that is looking for 2 players we play every Tuesday at 1pm CST.
We do play pick up game when people are free during week.
Please look at my post.

Hey, I could definitely be potentially interested, as I’m specifically looking to avoid the snowflake crowd, but I’m curious if there’s a way for us to discuss some things back and forth to determine if our overall gaming philosophies would be compatible. I am a stay at home dad in my mid 40s with five kids that I homeschool, so I probably have more availability than the average player. I’ve been playing TTRPG’s since 1988, and running games since roughly 1991. I would also be a potential candidate for passing the GMing responsibilities to, but again, I think first we should discuss some things in a general gaming philosophy sort of category first, to see if we’d be a good fit for one another. I don’t think this site has any sort of PM functionality, would you want to talk through some emails back and forth, or text chat on discord, or something like that? Thanks in advance for your reply!

I’m a retired Gen Xer & air force veteran who started on Mentzer Red Box in '83 before quickly moving to AD&D 1e. I’ve dabbled in Marvel FASERIP, MERP & Rolemaster in the past. I still enjoy playing old-school RPGs, but I have played more recent ones (3.Xe, PFRPG 1e). Being retired I have a very flexible schedule. Feel free to get in touch.

G’day, I’m 30, which makes me a younger millennial but I definitely get on with the older crowd, especially the ones that aren’t interested in the woke stuff. I live in a rural area of Australia and have loads of free time.
I’ve read more systems than I’ve played, including KGK, Anima Beyond Fantasy, and others.
I’ve played Call Of Cthulhu, Pathfinder 1e, Engine Hearts, and Shadowrun 4e. Might be one or two I’ve forgotten.
I agree with LoreArcane that discussing gaming philosophy is a good idea, at least I’m experienced in that too. I’m a foreverGM, mainyl because I enjoy it a lot.
I’m a huge GURPSguy, it’s been my go-to system for over 10 years. Since you’re interested in that system I’m interested in running it.
I enjoy running campaigns that are more like ‘tactical adventure games’ than the ‘theme-park collaborative storytelling experience’ people my own age and younger prefer. I don’t have the breadth of playing experience, but I’m told I’m quite good by my players, including those with more experience than I.
I’m also an artist (though I’m not amazing), a coder, and more. I tend to use these skills to facilitate my games. I recent sketched a past player’s character.

I run a pathfinder 1e game and have 2 players, but I need one to 3 more to get a game going again. Could use a warrior and a cleric, as Tyrant’s Grasp is undead heavy. If you want more details, email me at funk0039@yahoo.com I do sometimes run Vampire Dark Ages and Masquerade 20th anniversary edition, but have had trouble keeping a group together, vampire is crippled easily when a player doesn’t show up since I put in story bits for them.

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