Looking for some teens from 13-15 to do a campaign

About the Game

the campaign is already (slightly) played with the remaining players being level 5, it is a one piece campaign that is run by a new dm. I wouldn’t resort to the internet but almost my entire party quit so i need new players! its also homebrew. we use dnd beyond

When We Play

We try to play evry Tuesday and Friday night but the schedule is very flexible!
The age requirement is due to the (remaining) party being around that age and its comfortable with us! We can host on discord or phone call! Slight age verification is needed due to creeps on the internet!

Hi! I’d like to join your group, I’m really knew to dnd so this will be my first time playing. (I also just recently made this accnt so pardon me if I’m rlly clumsy). Also I can confirm my age on discord I just don’t know if I should publicly post my age here?

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What verification do you need

Is this still available? I’m basically as new as one can be to dnd. (I’ve played once but that was like 3 years ago.)

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