Looking for players in Casper, Wyoming

I’m looking to run a game but haven’t found any reliable players in years now. I’d like to play once a week but could change that to every other week if players preferred.

I am currently interested in running Pathfinder 2e or Twilight:2000 4e, but I am open to trying new games and do have several other systems available.

I like to use VTT to display maps, but I understand peoples desire to have miniatures so could also use a mat and markers instead. I don’t own any miniatures myself.

We’d be playing at my house, and my hope is people will chip in a buck or two and I’ll provide a decent meal, people only need to bring snacks but it’d be pretty awesome if we just made it a potluck sort of thing every play session.

When I lived in Casper, I had a hard time finding RPGers there, too. That was 42 years ago, though. I would’ve hoped the situation improved since then, but I guess not.

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