Looking for players for every other Saturday

About the Game

Just moved into Tennessee and need two to three more players. I have one of my group moving down in a few months, so should be able to join us later. I have tons of systems, but my groups tend to focus on D&D (5th) or Pathfinder (1st). Things are a little more combat focused, but role play is highly encouraged.

When We Play

We tend to play every other Saturday.

If you have any questions let me know.

I loves pathfinder, 1E (and, truth be told I have so much money sunk into that system on Hero lab, it is tough to switch), but I would like to learn D&D 5 as well sometime. Your style of game sounds exactly what I like. What time range do you usually play on Saturdays? I live in Los Angeles. And do you use Roll 20 ?

Hi Kailuaboy.
We play in person, but I could see setting up a Roll 20 campaign and having you on some form of chat. Play time is roughly 5 PM EST and midnight. But we can go longer.

Ah, I usually like to play from morning to early afternoon rather than nighttime (works better for my spouse). But thanks for getting back to me, and I hope you find enough players!

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