Looking for Players for Bushido Campaign

An existing Bushido campaign is looking for new players - previous Bushido experience not necessary, but general RPG experience IS needed. Bushido is a game produced back in the '80s by FGU, set in a mythical version of Japan, to create a game different from the standard medieval Euro-centric D&D campaigns. In our campaign, the players are a group of peasants trying to find fame, fortune, and promotion to the Buke rank (samurai) - all while trying to survive. We have four players currently, and are seeking another two. The game runs on Tuesday evenings, 8pm to 11pm UK time. We use Roll20 as the battleboard, and Discord as a voice channel. One of the players has been recording sessions and posting them to YouTube - search “bushido rpg heroes of nippon” if you want to see what the game is like. If interested in joining the team, contact me about playing.

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