Looking for players - Castles & Crusades - Raleigh, NC

About the Game

This is an in-person fantasy open table homebrew game starting in Pell’s Landing, a town on the edge of the new frontier. Setting/campaign is still developing, plenty of time for player collaboration. The game is a sandbox, players can drop in any time on available game sessions.

When We Play

Games are posted in Facebook or Discord and are by game master availability. Contact me through PPG or mntineer1988@yahoo.com

On average, how often do you end up playing?

Currently, we’re playing twice monthly due to the holidays. We also have a weekly short session reserved for downtime activities. I’m planning to up the session cadence to 3-6 game times monthly starting in January, exclusive of the Wednesday short session. All sessions are open to players to a limit of 5. You can play as much or as little as you want.

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