Looking for Pathfinder 1e Group In Vancouver/Lower Mainland Area

I am looking for a Pathfinder 1e campaign that I can join. I live in Surrey BC Canada :canada:, but can travel to pretty much anywhere in the Lower Mainland Area via SkyTrain. I have a character premade (female half elven 7th Level Wizard, with a CN alignment, but she leans more towards CG, but if properly motivated could shift more towards evil), so a heroic group (mostly Good aligned) that’s between 7th and 9th level would be ideal. I made my character’s backstory vague enough to fit into almost any campaign setting, including homebrew settings, for easy inclusion of almost any campaign or group. My schedule is currently very open, so I can play pretty much any time you guys are getting together.

I’m fairly thick skinned, so I totally don’t mind mature 18+ storylines, including NSFW content. I’m totally okay with graphic descriptions of violence, or even sexual content, if that’s the sort of game you’re playing. I’m not saying that the game HAS to be an NC-17 NSFW game with graphic descriptions of sex and violence. I’m just saying that I HAVE played in those types of games before, and they don’t bother me. But if you prefer something more PG-13, and things of a NSFW nature “Fades To Black”, that’s okay too. I’m very flexible with my playing style.

I enjoy a good mix of role play and combat. Stuff like political intrigue is great. But there’s also something to be said about a good “search and destroy” mission. Maybe something like a “Magnificent Seven” story, where we’re recruited to defend a farming village against overwhelming odds of a large group of marauding bandits. It doesn’t necessarily HAVE to be a perfect 50/50 split. It could be a 60/40 split. As long as it’s not too much of one style over the other too often, that’s all I ask.

I prefer to play with groups in person, but I am willing to join an online game if necessary. If you have an ongoing game, and are in need of a new player for whatever reason, please contact me. You can either reply to this post directly, or you can contact me through my DMs.

I am running a campaign for Vampire the Masquerade dark ages 20th anniversary, and plan on alternating with Pathfinder 1e Rise of the Runelords on Sunday evenings. I have been using discord for video chat, and chatting via facebook. Planning on using Roll20 possibly or a whiteboard during a video chat. The players are older, and are pretty decent about working together. I try hard to make everything as easy as possible.

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