Looking for [Online][Offline][DnD 3e/3.5][PF 1e] Game

I am looking for both online and offline game.
I want to play DnD 3e/3.5 or PF 1e systems.
I have played DnD 3e/3.5 sense release, and PF 1e for about 6 years.
I can only do Olathe KS for offline. So anywhere beyond that I can’t get too.
If you have any questions or such please post or mail me.

I run a pathfinder 1e game and have 2 players, but I need one to 3 more to get a game going again. Could use a warrior and a cleric, as Tyrant’s Grasp is undead heavy. If you want more details, email me at funk0039@yahoo.com I run central time, but its typically weekends. I also run vampire dark ages and 20th anniversary vampire masquerade

is this in person or online?

It’s actually a mix. The wizard player sits on my couch, and the rogue player is online. We normally use facebook video chat so that its as low tech as possible to make it easy for players.

I don’t have facebook. Will that be issue? I don’t want one ether.

Hmm. You could create a dummy account, I did. I do post articles and videos, but I have denied FB any personal information, I don’t even have a photo.

Does that help?

I think I pass sorry. I do not want a facebook account. I do have discord if you ever choose to use that.

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