Looking For New Players in Los Angeles Area

I Dm a Middle earth game set appx 20 years before the War of the Ring. The players can and do effect the outcome of the world. THIS IS NOT MERPS. It is D and D home brew. very intense, fast paced game. Role playing is important. I have Dm’d for a loooong time and I am not a newbie with no experience. I am looking for enthusiastic players who love to play… if u r interested reach out to me at carybelieves@gmail.com

@Cary, I’ve moved this post to the #looking-for-players section. You’ll want to add a location to your post by editing it and then clicking the location box. See this post for more info:

May I ask what edition of D&D and where exactly in the the LA area? It’s rather large set across 6 counties.

In case anyone is assembling a group (or maybe replenishing your group) in Orange County - specifically close to the Westminster/Stanton/Garden Grove area - I’ve been desperately trying to find a new group for a few years now. Let me know what you got going!