Looking for BECMI & Karameikos Google Docs tool collaborator

I’m looking for someone with D&D B/X BECMI DM experience to collaborate and help test a Google Sheets tool for DMing and playing that edition. This is really a personal project, but I have to think there may be another DM out there who would find it useful.

The tool is probably 75% complete and is comprised of two separate spreadsheets.

The Tabletop spreadsheet is for PC Sheets and tracking initiative. This spreadsheet has some lookups for PC variables but leaves some out as they would be too complex or detract from the joy of updating values when leveling up. It does track things like AC, encumbrance, and so on.

The Campaign spreadsheet is for the DM to keep a Karameikos calendar, track weather, campaign plots, and so on. Using AC1010 Poor Wizard’s Almanac, there’s even more Karameikos data for the DM.

I’d like to package this up and make it generally available on Google, perhaps using Google Sites or something.

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Where were you a year ago? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: That could have been handy.

(I had been using Karameikios with OSE for a campaign for several months. That group took a break, and when I restarted we decided to start over with a Forgotten Realms campaign using C&C.)

The Realms are always nice :slight_smile: