Long distance characters

Finding a way to split the party together brings distant characters along for the ride. It’s easy enough to do as long as it makes sense in the story.

Long-Distance Contribution

Physical distance within the game world does not have to hinder a character’s ability to contribute to the group’s efforts. Characters who are geographically distant can still play a role in scenarios where their physical presence isn’t possible.

Indirect Assistance: A character thousands of miles away can aid in tasks such as finding a missing object in a room where other characters are present. This assistance is provided through the strategic use of shared wisdom and experience, such as utilizing “What would Barbina do in this instance?” or recalling a piece of sage advise.

Boost Spells or Abilities: If the distant character previously cast a “Boost” spell or used a similar ability during their last meeting, its effects could still be in play, like a pep-talk or a lucky charm.

The GM and players can work together to seamlessly integrate this long-distance assistance into the narrative, ensuring it feels natural and adds to the story’s depth. Creative explanations like magical communication, shared visions, prior planning, or retconning any of these can be employed to justify the character’s influence from afar.

Of course there are limits to stretching a story, but when it comes to the imagination… well, stretching is what we do.