Little Fish Renaissance

While I don’t think it’s time for D&D to “go away,” I think it’s time we step away from D&D temporarily to let things figure themselves out. Maybe I have been disillusioned by D&D for a while; I don’t know. I have all the majors, except 3.5 (which I had and lent my books to someone who inadvertently or otherwise messed them up). Look, D&D (via Red Box) got me into the game and genre, but I think we need to tell WotC they need to figure their priorities out. There are a lot of great alternatives out there; look at my other blogs on here, the games are worth checking out, and most have actual plays. There are many other games for us to discover, and I think it is time for us to discover them, especially now that some of them are banding together to work under specialized “ORCs” and “OGLs” that some of the larger “3rd Party” are putting together. I stand by my belief, at least for now. WotC has decided we are the enemy. Let’s not forget they are not the only game in town, both literally and figuratively and look into some of the non-WotC systems. I am not saying go full anti-WotC, you do what you need to do, just that there are other systems out there that are worthy of consideration that aren’t difficult to learn and pick up.

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Those that decide the customer is the enemy, fail.

I’ve got my game, I’m in my comfortable little niche, if Lizards totally evaporated this afternoon it would not matter at all. What they fail to see is I don’t need them, they need me, and all the other mes out there.