***LFP*** Epic Fetch is considering to add one or two players. D&D 3.x

Looking for Player

Summary: We have an opening for one, possible two players in a long established high level game in Nijineko’s existing group, Epic Fetch. We are looking for those willing to commit to play for a few years, minimum.

Where: Held via Discord voice chat. Mapping is done via Gametable, but as most modern folks can’t figure out the legacy tech, copy-paste of map chunks into chat channel is common. Positioning is generally casual and not overly specific until we can getting the preferred mapping software working for everyone.

When: Every other week on Saturdays 12p-4p or 1p-5p (ish) MST (GMT -7). Next scheduled game is July 20th. (On rare occasion we might change which Saturdays we are meeting on based on group vote.)

Party Business: Group Vote with Benevolent DM style; most party business is handled by group consensus and or majority vote. DM tiebreaker.

Group Style: Very casual, chill, and relaxed. If you are not already a friend, we expect you to become one. We support each other mentally and emotionally, especially when the unexpected occurs to you, your friend, or family. Otherwise we are looking for players of excellent conduct, good form, and who hold themselves to high standards.

Rules of Conduct: Child and family friendly, no swearing, no on-stage adult activities, no evil characters, be nice, respect diverse beliefs, talk about problems so we can fix it amicably together.

Game Rules: A few excessively alignment oriented books and material are excluded from gameplay. No Third Party materials. All official D&D 3.x material allowed, less the ‘excessive alignment’ clause. Other established rules exist by group vote and are recorded in the appropriate channel.

Average Party Levels: 18-20 (soon to embark on quest for epic potential unlock)

Last Episode: Having found themselves trapped in an underground illithid prison after a teleportation accident, our intrepid adventures recovered their stolen equipment and are desperately fighting to defeat the powerful guardians of the prison. However, they have not yet discovered the exit! Wandering, lost, they wend their way ever deeper into the confusing corridors and locked rooms. Will they survive the lethal deathtraps?! Find out in the next episode!

Contact nijineko for conversational interview if interested. Questions are welcome via post or message.

Hmm, guess it is still as difficult as always to find people who can actually play at high levels… plus any scheduling issues, of course.