LFP(+1); Saturday, Bi-weekly Exalted 3rd Edition Campaign; San Diego, CA

About the Game

I’m the host of an Exalted 3rd Ed. campaign in the San Diego College (SDSU) area that could use another player.
The party is currently 5 strong (×1 GM & ×4 Players) but we will be losing one player mid-2023 due to military transfer. We are willing to add the additional player immediately, if possible, before losing our other one.
An experienced Exalted player would of course be preferred, but is not a deal breaker. ×2 of the current players were brand new to Exalted when we started the campaign. (The group was established and playing 5e, then switched to Exalted.)
The campaign is very story driven and favors role-playing over physical combat. However, for those not familiar with Exalted, the system has a very good “Social” combat system, and those combats are typically as much, if not more fun, than physical combat.
Just fire away with any questions you have.

When We Play

This is an in-person only game, hosted at my house in the San Diego College area, and which typically meets every other Saturday from around 1pm-6pm.

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